Find a doctor
You can search for a doctor whether you are a CalPERS Access+ HMO or EPO member or not. Follow these steps to find a doctor, hospital or other provider.
  • Go to our Find a Doctor tool.
  • Choose the type of provider you're looking for, such as doctor, dentist, hospital or urgent care.
  • The tool will ask if you are a Blue Shield member. If you select "Yes", you will be required to log in and you can continue your search from there.
  • If you select "No", the tool will ask for your zip code, and it will then will ask "Do you have a plan in mind?" Choose "Yes," scroll down and choose "CalPERS."
  • Under Select Sub Plan, choose either CalPERS Access+ HMO or CalPERS EPO depending on which plan you have.
  • Choose "Continue with this plan."
  • Follow the search instructions to find a doctor.
All other states
Under "Already A Member," enter alpha-prefix: XEH for Access+ HMO and XEA for EPO
International providers
Enter alpha-prefix: XEH for Access+ HMO and XEA for EPO, then click on "Go."
Shield Concierge
(800) 334-5847
7 a.m. - 8 p.m. Pacific Time | 7 days a week