Enroll in a plan and get started with Blue Shield
Enroll in a plan
Joining Blue Shield is easy for CalPERS members. Submit a health plan enrollment form (HBD-12) to your employer. You can get the form and instructions directly from the CalPERS website under Forms & Publications.

Select a primary care physician
When you enroll in the Trio HMO, Access+ HMO plan or the EPO plan you must select a primary care physician (PCP). To find a PCP, you can search online or Call Shield Concierge at (800) 334-5847 for help finding or changing your doctor.
To search online for a PCP, click on your plan's Find a doctor button below and follow these steps:
  • Select Primary Care Physician
  • Enter the location
  • Click on Doctor Name or Doctor type

You may need your selected PCP’s ID number and medical group/Independent Practice Association (IPA) number when you enroll for the first time. To find this number, search for your doctor using our Find a Doctor tool. Then, click on your doctor’s name and select View details under Primary Care Physician ID.
Register on blueshieldca.com
Once you become a Blue Shield member, you can create an account to track your family's health, review and manage claims, and see your plan details. Register with your Subscriber ID Number, which can be found on your Blue Shield Member ID Card.
You can also access your member account through our Blue Shield Mobile app.
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Contact us at Shield Concierge
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